So what classes can we offer you?

All of our classes involve a mind/body connection which not only helps you focus more on the exercises but also helps you forget the busyness of the outside world for the duration of your class.

For those that are looking to strengthen your core, to help with/or prevent back issues, overall body toning, an improvement in posture and an ongoing social class try Pilates or why not try a Pilates machine class to add extra resistance.

Yoga provides a meditative environment for you, in addition to being therapeutic yoga movements focus on building flexibility and strength. There are many different types of yoga so check out the more detailed explanations of these. Many of our clients do both Pilates and Yoga as these complement each other.

If you don't want a strenuous class or haven't exercised for a while then try our Stretch & Release class. Do you love to dance, but want to tone at the same time? Then the ZumBarreLates class may be for you.

Is it your back that concerns you? Whether it's an occasional niggle or constant ache or you just what to ensure you keep your back as healthy as possible then check out the Back Rescue class or workshop.

Are you a lady that is looking to help with/or prevent those little leaks when you sneeze, to take back control of your pelvic floor and help that nagging low back pain and address your nutrition and lifestyle, then a 6 week Holistic Core Restore course suits you, and also coming soon a specific peri and post menopause course too.

Do you find your life stressful and what to learn some techniques to help, our Mindfulness and Meditation class will do just that.

Or why not take time out for a full evening of Relaxation involving stretches, breathing techniques a guided deep relaxation and tea and biscuits. Relaxation Evenings are held Fortnightly at Houghton le Spring and monthly at Mybody studios in East Boldon. If you would like me to hold a Relaxation Evening in your own venue or for your own personal group please feel free to get in touch.

Prefer an upbeat strenuous class then we have BarreConcept incorporating barre, pilates, hand weights and yoga stretches all done to upbeat music. Channel your internal energy for good health, self development and self defence with Tai Chi.

We also hold regular longer indepth Workshops to explore the classes further. As well as classes we also offer Reiki Treatment and Reiki training, Life and Business Coaching and Mummy MOT's (for mums of all ages) with our women's health physios.