Pelvic Floor & Core Information Workshops

We run regular workshops during the year

Come and join us for a 2 hour celebration of women's wellness, wisdom & refreshments with a few laughs too. Everything you might want to know about your Pelvic Floor and Core and how to restore them whether its following childbirth (however long ago), Peri/Post Menopause or for any lady wanting further information on your Pelvic and Core Health. Hosted by women's health physio Sharon & Holistic Core Restore(r) Coach Hilary. Come and learn why you may be having problems and how you can help yourself. Its so much more than just 'squeeze at the traffic lights'. Take home some tips for Pelvic Health and discount vouchers.

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Pilates Beginners Workshops


If you have never done pilates before you must first learn the basic technique before you join a class. If you are not familiar with the technique, at best you will not be doing the exercise effectively, at worst you could actually injure yourself. Learning the basic technique can be done one of two ways. The most popular (and cheapest) way to do this is to attend a Pilates Beginners workshop. This is a oneoff introductory workshop introducing you to the basic essentials of pilates. These workshops are held approximately every 6/8 weeks just prior to a new term starting.



In the workshop you will learn:

  • your core, the muscles involved and how it is all linked to the breath
  • pelvic stability
  • scapular stability
  • lateral/thoracic breathing
  • posture assessment
  • segmental control of the spine
  • sample exercises that you can expect to find in a typical class

Once you have either attended a Beginners Workshop or taken a couple of private lessons, you may join a Pilates class.

It is recommended that after learning the basics you join a beginners class for at least one course, but if these times are not suitable for yourself, you may join an existing class. All classes are of a mixed level. Many Pilates exercises can be amended to make them easier for the beginner or more challenging for the more advanced client. Clients work with guidance to their own level, listening to their own body. Layered instruction and close supervision ensure that all exercises are executed safely, but with a challenge.

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