Why come to Body Reflexions?

Class Size

There is a maximum class size of 12 ensuring that each client receives close supervision and support from your teacher. Unlike a big impersonal gym situation, our instructors are aware of any limitations/restrictions that any of our clients have and we are therefore able to keep a close eye on you and tailor modifications or alternatives as required.

Client assessment

Each client is requested to complete an enrolment form, where you can give details of any injuries or conditions so that we can ensure that you exercise safely and within your limitations. These details will also allow us to adapt our exercises to each individual's needs.

Here at Body Reflexions we receive many referrals from osteopaths and physiotherapists for clients with back problems.

Our clients

Our clients are both women and men and range from teenagers to the more mature client. Athletes, sports enthusiasts, first time exercisers, those with medical problems (eg. back, neck, shoulder,knee or hip etc), pregnant and post natal women, all attend either classes or private sessions. Whether you are looking to assist with your back pain, enhance your sporting performance and avoid the risk of injury or just want to exercise to keep you toned and enjoy the social atmosphere, we are able to meet your needs.