Body & Mind

All of our classes involve a mind/body connection which not only helps you focus more on the exercises but also helps you forget the busyness of the outside world for the duration of your class.

About Body Reflexions

Body Reflexions sessions are now held mainly online via live streamed zoom sessions. These sessions were started during the Covid lockdown and the clients soon got used to the convenience of exercising in their own home, and being able to attend far more classes than they would have travelling to the studio. By attending more classes per week they all started to feel and see a huge improvement to their health, so we have therefore continued online. Whilst attending the classes online your technique is still closely monitored by the teacher to ensure that everyone is undertaking the exercises safely and effectively. Some people however, do prefer a 'live' class and Hilary is now also teaching sessions around the region. All classes are kept small and personalised to ensure individual attention for correct technique .

A class for everyone

We offer morning, afternoon, evening and weekend group classes and private
sessions for both your body and mind so regardless of your age and ability
we’re sure you'll find something that's just right for you.

If you prefer private 1:1 sessions these can be catered for either in your own home or at Exhale Fitness Studio located in Washington. If you're not sure what type of session is the one you, and your body, need then the advantage of private sessions is that a number of different modalities can be combined offering a session unique to you. Email for an introductory exploration call to discuss the options available to you.

Holistic Core Restore(r) Everywoman

Pelvic floor fitness, core restoration
& wellness for every woman.

What our clients say

I took up Pilates to help look after my back and I have never looked back.

My health needs were assessed before I started a class and I was given instruction to ensure proper technique in the beginners course. It is obvious that everyone's particular needs are taken into account in the group classes as individual adaptations for exercises are offered.

The classes are delivered professionally but in a way that makes them enjoyable and comfortable.

Pilates has become my life line for keeping a strong, healthy body with the added bonus of a calm mind!

Susan Wilson