Pilates for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a fascinating time when your body’s shape and needs change constantly as your pregnancy progresses.  These changes create new and different demands on your muscles and joints, so it is essential that your exercise routine adapts to accommodate these new challenges

Pilates is respected and recommended by the medical profession.

Pilates is the ideal form of exercise to make your pregnancy and the birth more comfortable, and the only one that specifically targets the areas that are continually changing before, during and after pregnancy. with its focus on core stability, the pelvic floor and gently strengthening and toning the muscles.  It enhances concentration and enables you to develop a unique relationship with your body when your exercise – especially important during pregnancy.  Pilates not only helps to improve your central strength, but also your balance, your coordination and the quality of your movement, without placing stress on your joints.

With its emphasis on developing good posture, which can easily nose-dive during pregnancy, Pilates will help to prevent backache, slumped shoulders and neck tension.  Your pregnancy is the perfect opportunity
to make life-enhancing changes.

Exercises can be adapted at each stage of pregnancy to allow for gentler or more focused exercise

Easier labour
One of the muscles focused on in Pilates is the transverse abdominus – the one you use to push your baby out with. So, if that’s strong, it’s likely to help make the labour a little bit more of a smooth ride. And at that stage, we need all the help we can get. Not only that, it will also help with a faster recovery after the birth.

Research shows that there are plenty of good reasons to exercise whilst pregnant:

Still not convinced? Research says that your baby will benefit too:

Resuming Pilates After Childbirth

Women can generally return to Pilates four to six weeks after delivery, or eight to twelve weeks after a Caesarean section. Your doctor will advise you on when your body is ready.
Pilates will help your body regain its shape and tone and restrengthen muscles that have been weakened during your pregnancy.

Exercises can be adapted to individual needs, so whether you have had a vaginal or Caesarian delivery, a safe workout can be developed to target particular muscle groups.

More and more midwives are recommending pilates as the best form of exercise to get you ready for the birth and for faster recovery the other side

Practising pilates exercises regularly during and after pregnancy promotes good recovery from labour and birth, giving you the basis to regain your former figure with the post-natal programme.

Pre and post natal classes are held at both Body Reflexions in Carville  and also at myBody studios in East Boldon, all under the instruction of Hilary Graham.  Please telephone or email for the relevant class days and times.  New classes are being added as demand dictates.